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Anti-Aging for Your Eyes

Reduce The Side Effects of your AMD


A lot of emphasis is placed on preventing the physical signs of aging, but as the years add up it’s not just your skin that begins to lose its youthfulness. The same free radicals that cause fine lines around the eyes also work to weaken your vision and overall eye health. While a natural loss in vision over time is normal, protecting your eyes from these environmental factors and providing them with the nutrients they need to remain at optimal health not only helps to stave off this sign of aging, but also to prevent some of the most common vision issues faced by senior citizens.

According to the American Optometric Association, 10 million Americans experience age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and researchers have found that nutrition plays a huge role in reducing this number, with numerous studies finding that a combination of antioxidants and zinc reduce vision loss by 25% in high-risk patients. And other vitamins play a role in supporting eye health as well.

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Vitamins C and E

Studies have found that taking vitamin C and E supplements for 10 years or more decreases the chances of AMD as well as the formation of cortical and nuclear cataracts. In patients who still developed cataracts, the progression was much slower, reducing the need for surgery.

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Vitamin A

Researchers have found that vitamin A supports the eye’s macula and, in patients with cataracts, slows down the progression of the disease.

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Commonly referred to as the “eye vitamin,” this carotenoid prevents cataracts when taken for several years, slows the progression of cataracts, and decreases the chances of AMD.

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Incorporating these vitamins into your daily routine at a young age is the equivalent of regularly using sunscreen and applying antioxidant-based moisturizers and serums to your skin: it offers protection and support for the eyes, keeping them youthful and in top shape well into your golden years.


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